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Wind Power

Why you should invest in German wind farms

  • The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) offers a reliable regulatory framework for investments into German wind energy assets, including a 20-year subsidy scheme consisting of a fixed feed-in-tariff for older wind farms or a “market premium” for more recent projects
  • Recent wind project tenders in Germany were all massively undersubscribed resulting in attractive market premiums
  • Germany’s wind sector offers a low risk environment while at the same time providing attractive long-term returns to investors

Commercial and technical asset management provided by aeos energy

Effective commercial and technical management is the foundation for the economically successful and sustainable operation of wind farms. As an established asset manager for large financial investors – as well as being an independent project developer – we have the necessary experience and expertise to offer you an integrated service package for the management of your wind assets, including all necessary commercial and technical services.

We view ourselves as an “extended work bench” of the investors owning the assets. We are happy to carry out the complete day-to-day business tasks for our clients such as assets operations, dealing with the lenders, all other commercial matters, dealing with the landlords and dealing with the permitting authorities.

Typical tasks which we continuously perform for our customers include

Commercial Management

  • Management of the day to day affairs of the wind farms
  • Acting as direct contact for the landlords and the regional permitting authority
  • Preparing the annual land lease payments for the landlords
  • Selection of direct marketing provider, acting as direct contact for the provider
  • Domiciliation of the sponsors German investment SPV in our tax effective office location
  • Preparation of the annual budgets and the monthly or quarterly reports for sponsors and lenders
  • Budget preparation and controlling
  • Acting as direct contact for insurers / agents, providing continuous optimization of insurance contracts

Technical Management

  • Continuous monitoring of your wind farm’s production
  • Acting as direct contact for the grid company, the turbine manufacturer and/or the maintenance provider
  • Inspection and controlling of maintenance services provided by the turbine manufacturer and/or the maintenance provider
  • Directing maintenance work into low wind months
  • Select new maintenance provider for older wind farms.
  • Provision of data for direct marketing
  • Continuous monitoring of permit requirements and if necessary implementation of necessary measures

Financing and Investment

  • Acquisition and divesture of wind farms or individual turbines on behalf of the sponsor
  • Acting as direct contact for the facility agent or the lender(s) of the sponsor’s wind farm(s)
  • Conducting and preparing bank meetings with lenders
  • If applicable refinancing of existing loan facilities with low interest rate German lenders

Accounting and Taxes

  • Day-to-day payments of third party invoces
  • Day-to-day accounting and VAT-returns in accordance with German accounting standards and other legal requirements
  • Compilation of annual financial statements*
  • Compilation of annual tax returns and tax estimates*

*provided by our tax consulting services provider

Project Development

As project developers, we concentrate primarily on smaller wind farms and single turbines. We are always interested in acquiring wind farms approaching the end of their individual feed-in tariff scheme. Our objective is to “repower” these locations with modern wind turbines and sell them off to new investors.

Please contact Guido Fiebes for further inquiries if you need a technical and/or commercial asset manager for your German wind farm of if you are actively looking to acquire wind power projects in Germany.

We will be happy to provide you with an offer for the asset management of your wind farm(s). Our “all-around care-free package” for investors will convince you of the value of our services.

Guido Fiebes

Contact persons for project inquiries in the wind power business

Phone: +49 2173 200 430

Ingo Linder

Contact persons for project inquiries in the wind power business

Phone: +49 2173 200 430