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Media Infrastructure

Through our subsidiary aeos infrastructure GmbH, aeos energy bought more than one hundred VHF antenna infrastructures from Media Broadcast GmbH in 2018. These are situated in the German federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and North Rhine Westphalia. The most notable asset we own is the VHF antenna infrastructure on top of the TV tower at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Nearly all of the Berlin VHF radio stations are broadcasted via this antenna infrastructure.

We also administer some further ~500 German VHF broadcasting infrastructures owned by several financial investors. More than 100 radio broadcasting stations transmit their signal via antenna infrastructures that are either administered or owned by aeos energy.

Satellite Communication

aeos energy holds a minority investment in AXESS Networks, a global satellite communication provider.

This company operates among a vast number of sites in Latin America and one of the largest German teleports. It offers satellite-based communications solutions for public agencies and companies from various sectors operation globally within this infrastructure, such as shipping or oil & gas exploration companies.

Professional Services offered by aeos energy

As for wind farm projects, aeos energy offers comprehensive asset management services to financial investors in the German infrastructure sector. Our service offer includes:

  • M&A-services for the acquisition, divesture and financing of German assets
  • Day to day commercial asset management services effectively running the German investment SPV on behalf of the sponsors
  • Domiciliation of the sponsors German investment SPV in our very tax effective office location in Langenfeld (20 minutes’ drive from Dusseldorf airport)
  • Outsourcing of the technical management of the underlying assets an and controlling of the technical services provider

Guido Fiebes

Contact person for project inquiries in the infrastructure sector

Phone: +49 2173 200 43 0