• aeos energy

Case study on wind farm asset management

  • In 2007 our client acquired a project of seven “Greenfield Projects” with a capacity of 85 MW from a Dutch utility.
  • We currently oversee two further construction projects of 22 MW for the same investor.

Key drivers

  • EEG legislation provides a reliable basis for revenues per generated power unit.
  • The national feed-in tariff gurantees fixed revenues over a 20-year period and is based on the year of commission.
  • Direct Marketing of electricity, project developments and disposals of low performing wind farms provide upsides for the investor.
  • Thight cost control to meet financing covenants in low wind years.

Our contribution

  • We implemented an investment and project controlling system which ensured the timely completion of the sites.

Contribution of aeos energy

  • 2012

    Refinancing of the client´s portfolio and start of sales of the remaining portfolio

    Advisor of the sponsor for the refinancing of the portfolio, arranged all remaining disposals

    aeos provides technical management services and starts developments

  • 2011

    Development of two wind farms with a capacity of 24 MW (extension of existing sites)

    Arranged the paartial disposal of the portfolio (79 MW in five separate transactions)

  • 2010

    Decision about partial sale and deleveraging of the portfolio

    Debt restructing during financial crisis

  • 2009

    Break of covenants (DSCR) & technical default due to bad wind years

    Ongoing project controlling during the construcion of the 86 MW portfolio

    Representation of the client in negotiations with the seller and the turbine provider

  • 2009

    Start of the construction of 86 MW portfolio

    Replaces seller as general O&M provider, hired a technical services provider, outsourced accounting

  • 2008

    aeos energy is mandated as asset manager by the client

  • 2007

    Acquisition of the projects by our client

    Takes over representation of the SPV and its sponsor vs. banks and seller