• aeos energy

About us

aeos energy was founded in 2007 by Guido Fiebes to manage the German wind asset portfolio of a U.S. based financial investor. In 2008 Guido Fiebes arranged the acquisition of one of the largest German refined oil storage companies for the same client. Until the end of 2013, we were working exclusively for this client in the business sectors wind power, refined oil storage and bio diesel production.

As of 2014 the company expanded to a broader customer range. Simultaneously, we moved into the sectors of solar energy and real estate by taking over the business activities of two regional companies from the Rhine/Ruhr-region. In 2018, the company broadened its portfolio further into the field of media infrastructure by acquiring some ~120 VHF antenna infrastructures from Media Broadcast GmbH, a subsidiary of Freenet AG.

Today aeos energy and its subsidiaries operate two offices in Langenfeld (main office, Dusseldorf area) and Ennepetal (real estate office, Ruhr area).