Wind Power

Business and technical management of wind power plants

Good business and technical management is vital for the economic success and sustainable operation of wind power plants. As an established asset manager for big financial investors as well as a developer of our own projects, we have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with a holistic approach to asset management, with all the business and technical services you need under one roof.

We see ourselves as an “extended workbench” for investors and we take care of day-to-day business concerning plant operation, banking relationship and the relationship to the land owners on behalf of our customers. Some typical tasks we undertake for our customers are:

Commercial Management

  • Conducting the business of the wind farm company
  • Tendering and choice of direct marketing
  • Running reports for the investors
  • Budget preparation and continuous budgetary control
Financing & Investment

  • Preparation of bank reports
  • Carrying out and/or preparing for meetings with banks
  • Organisation of refinancing
  • If desired, the sale of wind farms or individual turbines on behalf of investors
Technical Management

  • Continous monitoring of your wind farm
  • Review and management of maintenance works handled by the plant manufacturers
  • If necessary, retendering of the plant maintenance
  • Data provision for the direct
  • Ensuring the continuous fulfilment of the permit requirements 
 Bookkeeping & Taxation

  • Drawing up invoices for the direct marketer
  • Verification of cost accounting
  • Ongoing transactions
  • Annual lease settlement for the owners of the
  • Continuous bookkeeping in accordance with accounting (HGB, IAS) and other legal regulations *
  • Prepatation of tax declarations and tax estimates. *
  • Creation of annual financial statements*


* Through a cooperating tax consultancy firm

We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for the business and technical management of your turbines. Discover the benefits of our economically priced “all-round carefree packages” for investors.

Project Development

As a project developer, we concentrate on smaller wind projects. Currently, there are two wind power plants of the type Enercon E-101 in the region around Hildesheim and another of the type Enercon E 82 in the Bergisches Land region which are in the advanced stages of installation planning. All three facilities are expected to be in operation by Spring 2017.

Aside from our own wind power projects, aeos energy also sells facilities from our customer base upon request. Please contact us either if you are interested in one of our wind projects or if you are in possession of a piece of land which may be suitable for the construction of a wind farm.

An examplary case study on wind park asset management can be found here.

Our contact person for the area of Wind is Mr Ingo Linder, TEL 0212 64 59