Solar Power

Technical Management

Our business unit, aeos services, is responsible for the technical management of photovoltaic installations as well as the business management of larger facilities. In addition to this, we provide our services for both the upgrade and cleaning of existing facilities as well as the design and construction of new photovoltaic facilities. Our broad spectrum of services can be found under the following link

Project Development

As project developers, our focus is on on-roof facilities from approximately 50 KWp and on smaller installations in open spaces, up to 1 MW per facility as a general maximum. A list of our reference plants can be found under

Because of rising energy costs, the generation of one’s own electricity in the commercial sector is of increasing importance. aeos energy plans and constructs such private consumption facilities and markets the energy at reasonable prices to commercial customers. After completion, we sell the facilities to end investors who use them to generate long-term, attractive rates of return.

aeos energy is continually selling its own solar farms / photovoltaic facilities or facilities from our customer base. If you are interested, please contact us.

Our contact person for the area of solar energy is Mr Marcel Vonderkall,

TEL  0212 64 59 700