Acquisitions are a vital for sustainably profitable growth in consolidating industries such as the energy sector. However, in reality, it is not always possible to reach the targets for growth and value increase associated with acquisitions.

Our M&A advisory approach goes beyond the point of signing a purchase contract and covers all phases of the M&A process, from the decisions regarding the strategies for growth, through the selection of oppropriate acquisitional objects, up to the integration of the acquisition itself. On top of this, we have extensive experience in the disinvestment of companies as a whole and in parts as well as with the sale of assets such as wind energy facilities and solar farms.

Our wide-ranging experience comes from more than 20 years of successful M&A transaction, during which we have worked on both the side of the buyer and the seller. We have been executives in the transactions of well-known companies, as asset managers for large financial investors as well as investors on our own behalf. We offer our customers extensive M&A experience and a successful track record, including in the area of post-merger integration.

Our focal points in the area of M&A in the energy and infrastructure sector are:

  • The entire execution of the purchase or sales process for wind and solar farms
  • Supporting our customers throughout the commercial due diligence process for wind and solar farms, including the plausibility checks for future profit forecasts.
  • Supporting our cutomers throughout the technical due diligence process for solar farms.
  • Supporting our customers in identifying potential transaction partners in the industry segments of renewable energies, downstream and midstream oil and gas, as well as conventional electricity generation based on fossil fuels.
  • Taking on the role of transactions and process management for our customers, including structuring and filling data spaces, leading the Q&A process and also preparation, follow-up and guidance during purchase negotiations.
  • Preparation of company valuations on a discounted cash flow basis.
  • Handling the continuous management of our customers’ shareholding, including preparing management reports for investors and financing partners.
  • The business and/or technical management of wind and solar farms.
  • Adoption of interim positions within aquired companies, in particular in the area of business management / controlling and operational management.


Our contact person for the area of consulting is Mr Guido Fiebes, TEL 0212 64 59 700